About Your Prescription

Your prescription should be prepared in connection with an eye test by your licensed optometrist, optician, or ophthalmologist.  ZipOptical encourages you to use a prescription which is not more when two years old since your eyes can be expected to change over time.

If you can not find a copy of your last prescription, ask for a copy from the office of the eye doctor who prepare it.  You may be entitled to a copy for little or no cost under the laws of your state or according to the regulations of your state medical board which may be easily reached a through the government section of your phone book.

Always be sure when your eyes are tested to have the eye doctor write down on your prescription PD or Pupillary Distance which is explained here.

A sample eyeglasses prescription       How you would input the prescription shown in the sample


If you need assistant for entering your prescription correctly, please contact us.