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- Image slightly bigger than 280x350 is better.

- Supported formats: JPEG, GIF, and PNG. Max file size is 512KB.

- After uploading, please mark both eyes and choose correct PD for the photo.

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5 Steps To Place Your Order

New zipoptical glasses in five steps: 1. Select Frame, 2. Decide Details, 3. Input Rx, 4. Pay, 5. Await

Step 1: Select Frame

Browse our variety selection of top fashion frames to find what is right for you. Click on the picture or the name of the item to learn detail about each frame you may want, such as its COLOR, MATERIAL, TYPE, SHAPE, and SIZE.

You wish to explore further to know if  the frame looks fine on you? Move to our Online Try-On by clicking the Try On button under each frame . This allows you to try on as many frames as possible to find what best suits your facial features, style, and personality.

You are able to use preset model pictures; or, for an even test, upload your own picture to see the virtual result of putting the glasses on yourself.

Step 2: Decide on lens type and details

Follow the ordering process for the frames you want. In this process, you will be asked about your lens preference and prescription information. Each option has its own detail expalination, which will pop-up by moving your mouse on  following each option.

Step 3: Input Rx

Input your Rx according to your latest eye prescription record from your eye doctor. Be sure that the prescription includes the Pupil Distance (PD) measurement. Your PD or Pupillary Distance should be ideally included with your eye doctor’s prescription so you have ready access to it, because it is important for your maximizing comfort with the design of any lines you may have. If you don’t have your PD or Pupillary Distance written in your Rx record, you shall give a phone call to your eye doctor’s office to ask for it.

A sample eyeglasses prescription     Input Rx shown in the sample

If you need any assistance to input your eye prescription, please refer to the instruction of How to read your prescription record. You are very welcome to send a help request to our Eyeglasses Specialists by clicking Contact Us, and one will report back to you.

Step 4: Payment due

Please follow our check out steps until you click the button of Place Order. We will collect your information, such as your email, phone number and shipping address and billing information. ZipOptical takes your privacy and the security of your personal information very seriously. We are strongly committed to protecting your privacy. Please refer our privacy policy for detail.

We accept the payments by Paypal, and four other credit card as shown as following. We also accept the payment by check or e-check, with which the order will be processed only after your check or e-check were clear.


Step 5: Await you new glasses

Right now all you need to do is to wait for your new glasses coming. It usually takes them 5 to 10 business days to finish your glasses, depending the type of lens was ordered. Once we got your order from lab and packed the glasses ready for shipping, the system will send you an automatic email as shipping notification.

As stated in our shipping policy, your glasses will arrive at your home no later than 10 or 14 business days, depending on which halding and shipping method was chosen by you. But, 90% customer can get them within 2 weeks after they placed the order. Please refer detail to our shipping policy.